About Us

IMG_0886Who is behind Off The Cape?

My name is Kimberley Ellis. I launched this site when I turned 40 years old. Due to the fact that I am easily bored, like a challenge, am highly competitive (to a fault my daughter says) and creative, I was driven to start a new chapter of life doing what I am passionate about.

I have owned retail stores and worked in retail much of my professional career.  I know without a doubt that home furnishings and design is my passion. When the TV is on I’m watching design shows, picker shows and home shows. When I’m reading a magazine I am studying the photographs and each detail they hold. When I want to shop, I end up in home furnishing stores, estate sales, and flea markets.

My home base is in Texas but my rejuvenation home is on Cape Cod. The Cape is where the idea for my business came to me and my family. The Cape is a place where God speaks to me and His creation inspires me every moment that I am there. I use those gifts to translate joy to my customers.

With Off The Cape I hope to create a site that feels like a family run business with the ease of shopping in your pajamas. I have also noticed that there are not many “young” people roaming around antique stores and estate sales.  This saddens me because I hope that it is not a dying past time. My desire is that by me doing the legwork of finding great pieces, both new and old, I will allow you the reader to have the confidence and joy to create a home environment that feeds you spiritually and provides you a sanctuary that is unique to you!

I am truly grateful that you are here!