Vacation In Two Parts



If you follow me on some form of social media you know that recently I was on the Cape for my annual fall visit. Cape Cod in the fall is something to see. The light is crisper, the chill is in the air (this time it was snow for about an hour), and the mass of tourists and summer occupants have gone back to their busy lives off the Cape. So, not only is it a time to bask in the Cape’s beauty but it is a time to be quiet and to be with God. I, like most mothers, don’t take enough time to stop, rest, and to break from the madness of everyday life. So this trip is a special treat.

When I visit in October I break a week up into two parts. Half of the week is with myself and God, and the other half is spent with a close girlfriend, who also needs a break from the madness. I think both are critical to how I operate in the upcoming year. The time with a close girlfriend is pure fun and a time to enjoy a friendship on a deeper level through sharing in one another’s personal journey. Much can be learned by doing this!

The second half of my vacation is a time for me to listen to what God has to say to me. This year it was mainly about letting go of control. It makes my heart race just to say it! Yes, I am a controller. When asked by a 91 year old mentor, “What exactly are you trying to control?” my response was “Everything.” Let’s just say that she immediately went into prayer on my behalf. I am realizing that there is a very fine line, especially in the role of a mother, of where we are teaching and helping, and where we are controlling. Hence, this is my personal journey right now. I need to let God do His work in my life, and try not attempt to head off every disaster for me or my family. I need to let lessons be learned from both success and failure. Maybe this sounds easy to you my friend, but to me it sounds like a long road! I am making baby steps and the freedom is following close behind. I have to tell you friends, letting go is a good thing! Is there anything you are trying to control?