How To Decorate With What You Have

With the month of January I acquire buyer’s remorse at how much I spent on Christmas and then I subsequently acquire a case of “the wants!” It is very confusing to my soul. The minute I start tearing down and storing Christmas decorations for another eleven (seems like it’s becoming ten) months, I look around at my homes that seemed bright and cheerful and now they lack luster and are a bit gloomy. What can I do to freshen things up? How do I not spend a fortune? Well this year I tried something new to push my creativity and I thought I would share it with you!

I looked around at all of my treasured accessories (aka knick knacks), books, and surface areas and decided to do something drastic. I went around my home and gathered up all of those things and put them on the dining room table. A close friend came over and asked me if I was packing up the house. It seemed like it for a few days because once I courageously did that step, I became frozen with “what now?”. It seemed overwhelming to re-merchandise my entire home. I finally dove in and started with the bookcases in my living room. I became stuck again, so out of procrastination I started stacking my books by color hoping inspiration would come to me. Voila! It was the jarring movement that I needed. I sometimes think that my living room goes very drab due to lack of color but, I began to see that with the books grouped together I now had pops of fun color all around.


Little by little I added in fun collections that make me happy and then I’d pull them back down again. It just wasn’t right.


Then I gave up on the bookcases and went back to the mantle. The fans that I used to have in the “perfect place” now needed a new “perfect place.” So up they went where their great architectural lines could bounce off the mirror and we could now enjoy all sides of these vintage timepieces. Now I’m worn out and decide to start again the next day. Who would have thought rearranging could be so mentally taxing?


The next day began a new light and the cobwebs in my brain had cleared. It is interesting to me that doing this for someone else is easy, but moving my own things was much more challenging.  One by one I just kept putting something on a shelf, stepping back, assessing the result and starting again until all of a sudden I was happy with how the bookcases made me feel. Confidence was won when Sophie came in and said how much she like them….yes the teenager gave me a compliment, which means I MUST be on the right track.


Seashells came out of my office and went next to my Lady Diana and Charles wedding bell. Who’d have thought?


Pool balls went in a vase next too Elvis and vintage family baby cups, because Elvis goes with everything!


Finally we had completed spaces. Favorite things posed with favorite people in photographs. The lesson learned is that we need to buy things we love, they don’t have to be expensive (could be free shells off the beach) and create spaces that are spiritual to us and our families. So, now I hunt for a few favorite things to add in here and there. I think I will check that cool website, Off The Cape and see what I find. 🙂