Holiday Decorating


When I was growing up, I could tell you prior to pulling the decorations out of the attic where the manger was going to go, the carolers, and the sleigh candy dish. I can picture my childhood home now and exactly how it looked each Christmas season.  However, I can’t recall where I put my decorations from year to year in my own homes unless I look at a photograph. I love it that way because it pushes me to create something new each season!

About this time each year I begin to plan in my head what theme or mood I want to carry out that year with my Christmas decorating. I begin searching for inspiring ways to use what I have in my attic, and at the same time shopping for a few new things to add to my  Christmas collection. I am sure that it will be of no surprise to you that I love using random vintage pieces to decorate with. I literally wander around our homes, digging through cabinets and drawers looking for fun items that maybe I haven’t utilized in years to incorporate into my theme.

Last year in Texas I played up on my British themed dining room (a nod to my father, the Englishman) with my silver trophies, tartan plaid ornaments and my Guardsman nutcracker.


At our Cape Cod home, I played on all of the nature surrounding me by using wood crates, sea shells and greens cut from our backyard. Due to the fact that I am also a sucker for vintage Christmas decorations, I incorporate those as well. I am enchanted by Christmas decorations from the 40’s and 50’s that sweep me back to a time that I never got to experience, but if given the chance, I would travel back to.


This week, I am happy to bring to you, some new vintage products from Off The Cape that will hopefully inspire you for your home. I search all year for fun vintage Christmas items and quirky things that can be infiltrated into your winter wonderland. I think this red toolbox would make the greatest mantle piece stuffed with greens and ornaments!


How about this green typewriter with a note to Santa trickling out?


Or this sweet vase filled with ribbon candy or tiny roses?


Take a look around and see what new items you can draw on to set the mood in your home this Christmas season! Enjoy our 20% off any item sale too.:)