Christmas Is When?


Yep that’s right, Christmas is six weeks away! It is so hard to fathom when you live in Texas. Summer comes to a close around Halloween and just when you are feeling in the fall mood,  the Christmas commercials start playing after the nightly news. I am blessed however that in October each year I get to head to Cape Cod for a quick visit. I use that time to “get in the spirit” and do some Christmas shopping. I have to admit that Santa has already filled our family’s stockings and put them in the closet because that’s the most time consuming thing for him to do each Christmas.

This year I am making more of an effort towards thoughtful gifts and buying less gift cards. Honestly, unique one of a kind things are my business so I should represent that in what I give right? So I encourage you to use the enormous amount of time you have between now and Christmas (yes I am being facetious) and really think about the friends and family on your gift list. Check out Off The Cape’s vintage pieces, like the collection of vintage light bulbs for the friend who always has the bright ideas, the Dash and Albert tote bags for that traveler in your life, the fantastic Manhattan throw blanket for the cuddling newlyweds and surprise someone with not only a nice gift, but a thought that counts too!