A Halloween Legacy



Halloween is an emotional holiday for me. It evokes such strong memories of my Mother, who I lost 8 years ago to cancer. Sometimes I relish those memories, and sometimes I’d rather store them away. This year it brought me joy to unpack and to relish in those memories.


My mother was a holiday fanatic and her love of Halloween decorations is something that she passed on to me. Every year when I was in elementary school, she would dress up as a witch to come to my school Halloween party. She would call out all of the stops as she painted her face green (which then remained a yellow color on her skin for days after) and capped her teeth to look black and rotten. Of course I felt great pride as I saw her enter my classroom looking like that! What a fun and engaged Mom I had.


My mother was my first interior design teacher. She would pull things together in a heartfelt way to make our home a magical place. A home that would fill us with excitement as each holiday rolled in. I wanted to share some photographs of my Halloween displays for this year. Some of these include the hand painted ceramic items that my mother painted in the 1970s alongside her sister and best friends.


As my thoughts of Mom flood back I am inspired by her creations long ago. I again am excited about connecting pieces that hold such meaning to me along with my favorite vintage pieces. Piling pumpkins inside of my vintage cake stand excuses me from having fresh baked goods in the house,which only leads to extra poundage!


I fill my favorite trophies with felt pumpkins, scrabble pieces, vintage tape measures and top them off with a Cape Cod horse ribbon.


As I look around my home the word legacy comes to mind. One definition of legacy is: “Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.” My home contains artwork made by my mother, portraits of my father in law, bibles read by my grandmother, and new pieces acquired by my husband and me, all interwoven together. My 15 year old son told me that when he walked in our door the other day  he felt so happy when he saw the home decorated for Halloween. My mother created a legacy that I am now handing down to her grandchildren. For this I am eternally grateful.